2nd of February, 2015 (Monday)

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2nd of February, 2015 (Monday)
That lamp may cause foot cuts. Better clean up that glass if you don't want
Cumberbatch's plans were thwarted thanks to Charles clumsiness.
Though it does not seem he's peeking in on the kids, and the sheets on the bed doesn't match Sam's unless their are two different ones. Huh, wonder...
element of surprise: LOST.
The TV isn't even on in the first place...
T (Mr)
Razor, he is looking at the kids bedroom and they are in the living room for the sleep over.
Conveniently placed lamp
There are three different-but-the-same Sams on this page it's like the comic has acheived harmony
blood splattered socks.
oh no, already a major character death????? good bye Lamp :/
WeirdWeeaboo, this can't be Sam, they have different eyes
Opus the Poet
Not to mention that the new guy has black hair and Sam and Charley have purple-brown hair (in this light).
3rd of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
Opus the Poet, I guess cutting and dyeing your hair is even easier in the future
29th of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
I'm calling it's the teacher, but from the darker future, he did not become a teacher but he was an assassin. Somehow someone sent him back in time to assassinate Charlie, believing that killing him would stop the doomed timeline from even happening

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