30th of January, 2015 (Friday)

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That guy couldn't see the TV from outside because they were watching John Cage's surprising 2016 foray into film, 92'23". Its surprising because he died in 1992.

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30th of January, 2015 (Friday)
Is that the basement level they are sleeping in?
Don't kill Ash! He's gonna try to kill Ash! Auuuugh!
He almost looks like Slenderman roaming about that house
Oh no! What is Benedict Cumberbatch doing breaking into homes and carrying a gun?! I doubt he is baking a cake, cause that would be silly. Don't think Ash will be too happy to see him, unless she's a fan or something.
Eirika R.
RazorD9- Maybe he's still in character so he decided to walk in to somebody /else's/ house to shoot into a wall because he was bored.
But this time a glass window.
In Australia.
I hope Morpheus survives.
A Noun You Missed
I can smell the paradox from here
On another note, Charlie's house is so frigging cool.
they should really lock their doors, especially with the possibility of a surprise visit from bunnyhat cakepop
Bundygug Cattlethatch, there is nothing the investigate here, the case is a couple houses over.
He looks very sad
31st of January, 2015 (Saturday)
I have been keeping tabs on this comic and will continue to do so but I realized a time paradox. Past Sam was removed (we shall call him alpha), but then he goes forward to meet Future Sam (beta). Beta has no memory of meeting himself in alpha state, and lives. leaving one of two options 1) alpha will return to his timeline with amnesia to allow beta to exist 2) this is a split universe where alpha grew up. TIME SHENANIGANS!
Timey wimey
Doombringer- full explanations of time theory's will clog this thread if you realy want explanations and all the minor wrinkles ironed out. Given how long he is likely to be here I don't think amnesia is viable, especially as he will be in danger there once again unless there are more time shenangance.
Given the each change or multiple possable results creates new dimensions in which each happens theory, if he were to return now there already is a Charlie living his life in the past. The adult him remembers it therefore it's cannon in this dimention that he was there. if he took a small time travel back before forward the other way then this remains just time travel and not dimention hopping.
This removes him from his dimention and changes the future in it but doesn't explain how he is safe now in this dimention with a version of him still living through his life growing up. There is something special about that specific him for some reason.
Why is he so white?
Oh, my gawd, Yochanan, you can't just ASK people why they're WHITE. (heheheehehehe)
High five Flancy! Tehehe
1st of February, 2015 (Sunday)
*high fives Tilda*
White guy
Being white can be a problem, though going out in daylight can have you looking more normal. I used to work night shift and suffered the curse of whiter than white.
10th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
Yeesh, I'm positively fluorescent and this guy makes me look like the cast of Jersey Shore.

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