15th of January, 2016 (Friday)

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15th of January, 2016 (Friday)
Le commenter
They can't stay in such a cruddy mood for the WHOLE wedding.
How can they be so sour when there is going to be cake?
mra, the cake is a lie. :3
damn that GLaDOS
Remember! You will be baked, and then there will be cake!
I know people say its hard and annoying to watch your kids make the same mistakes you did as a kid...But its gotta be worse watching actual you running around making mistakes with adult you sitting there going "no don't do that, you will regret it. You did something like this once and you still regret it. Stop adding to your - my - our pain!"
But I saw the cake at the end! It was in the room with all the deactivated cores
I don't think watching his best from marrying his sister is really helping the little guy's mood, either.
Hey There
Db3 : I don't quite get that paradigm. In my family, that would've been viewed as ideal. Only way for your best friend to get the upgrade from friend to family, if you're not gay. I would personally have my sister marry my best friend if I could. But hey, it's their choice, not mine XD
It would even divide by two the time I have to spend outside of my busy schedule to see them both! And it's not an adult thing, I remember thinking as a kid that if I love two people, than they must surely love each other too, that's how it works, right..?
Yeah, there was a cake. Did you list the ingredients? They were okay except for the garnishes. The highlights were : fiberglass, volatile organic compounds, solid waste, ethylbenzene, various types of needle injectors and highly unusual forms forms of rhubarb. I don't even know what geosynthetic membranes are.
16th of January, 2016 (Saturday)
Vorpal, things that us organics should never consume.
21st of January, 2016 (Thursday)
Is that 5th panel Sam sitting or just slumping his shoulders? He looks sad :( ...luckily there's someone coming who will cheer him up shortly :)

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