18th of January, 2016 (Monday)

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The word is 'frangible'

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18th of January, 2016 (Monday)
Is anyone else confused by the last panel? I just woke up so maybe I'll understand it after coffee...
@Jono What's his face is confused by why Eos doesn't already have children, as she is considered attractive by everyone and clearly desirable for mating
I think she's completing the sentence he was thinking, and he's agreeing. At least Eos knows she's the Sun Queen!
Kid Cthulhu
So it's not just the boy Innows who are captivated by Eos' spell ^_~
Quite an ego there.
Eos may be interested in this.... https://xkcd.com/853/
Normally, I might agree with the "Quite an ego there" comment.
But... she's EOS. She's telling it the way it is. (She probably couldn't have literally everyone in the room; that's humour. Dry overstatement rather than dry understatement but I do believe it's humour.)
If she really had an ego problem, people would react to her differently. "Oh that Eos... so beautiful, but so stuck up!" But nope, everyone adores her.
If she actually fancies Sam, (a) he's incredibly lucky and (b) instead of saying "no, no, I'm not worthy" he should say something like "I'll try to be worthy" or preferably just "wow, thank you, okay."
@steveha: The answer should be "how about we start by keeping those two (so I don't have to suffer alone)?" ;)
Eeeeoooossss! Don't screw this up Sam!!! She's already seen you starkers and seems to like the rest of (ahem) the package that is you (even has a kid already! How convenient!) -is it weird that I'm a little jealous??
19th of January, 2016 (Tuesday)
Eos, that's his *sister* you're talking about! Not cool, lady. Not cool. (Even if it is true.)
Well, Eos is clearly not one for false modesty. ^_^;
Needed to wake up... I was misreading the "I could have anyone" part of the last sentence.
It all makes sense now lol

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