13th of January, 2016 (Wednesday)

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13th of January, 2016 (Wednesday)
Is it just me or is, like, everyone who can see her staring at Eos?
Kotoc, pretty sure everyone except Charlie and Ash are... maybe the goth kid isn't but the eyes kinda' are lol
That Guy
I spy with my little eye, something... Awkward.
Eos is taller and broader than anybody there. She is the Sun Giant.
I noticed the green clothing throughout the guests... Is that an Australian cultural thing? In the U.S. only the wedding party wears the bridal colors.
Eos Sun Queen.
I think the men are looking at her and the women are giving the men dirty looks. :-)
It actually looks like all the woman are staring at her chest, which is kinda funnier
I wonder who the gothic-looking girls are.
I was wondering about the Goth girl in the front row too
I'd like to get back to how Charlie ended up in the past...and isn't his life still in danger?
Charlie is on the front row as family, which introduces the question of who are the two Unknowns in the row?
@Jim: well, this is meant to be one final time with friends and family before Charlie and Sam break all contact and go into hiding, so...
Kid Cthulhu
I like how even the guests are color-coordinated.
Hope the Chrono-Assassin brought a green tie for the reception...
Deof Movestofca
What happens if Ash catches the bouquet?
14th of January, 2016 (Thursday)
There's an albino in the way back row, the first two things that pop to mind are 'Dave strider' and ' The awesome Prussia' did either of these characters pop into anyone else's heads?
I think the middle aged couple to the right-hand side at the back might prove to be Charlie's parents, by the way they are looking at young Charlie.
@ :P now that i see the albino, yes, prussia did come to mind.

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