28th of August, 2015 (Friday)

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Charlie struggled for a bit with the tie, but he's proud of what he managed to achieve in such a short time span.

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28th of August, 2015 (Friday)
nice look Charlie.
is that thing on the not of his tie a pattern, or is it just tied really wierd?
Did Charlie tie a F##king eldritch?!?!
The good news is that shirt doesn't look like its to be tucked in.
The "cool" looks like it was taken as a compliment :)
Ash may end up dressed the same.
@Blue: The Eldritch knot. It's similar to a Windsor, but 5 dimensional.
None of those 30 tie knot types (including the Eldritch)
Kid Cthulhu
Eldritch knots are Yog-Sothoth approved ^_^
I also think Anne Drogynous there has no room to make assumptions about Charlie.
@tober in the last panel, Charlie's suit Jacket should hang straight down by his right arm i think.
If ash had a similar look but with a bowtie... she'd pull it off well I think
What is with his SHOES?! Doesn't he get dress shoes? Are these "Nike sneakers" from that creepypasta?
That doesn't look quite like an Eldritch, but it looks like a freaking awesome tie-knot to (presumably) do accidentally. How'd he get the tiny 'x' across the middle, though? O_o
Half of wearing a suit is body language. Straighten up and broaden your shoulders, Charlie.
Of course he'd never comply, not if someone was watching him. He'd probably melt - literally - in front of a crowd. Hopefully he gets over that.
Somehow I doubt Ash will come out wearing a dress...
He should get a tie clasp.
@Rosanne his shoes are Velcro, most likely the shoes are in the next fitting area / are picked after the suit.
29th of August, 2015 (Saturday)
Double Bogey
Of all the weddings (and funerals) I've been to, dress shoes are the hardest thing to get kids to wear. If their kicks/trainers/sneakers are clean and new-ish looking without being loud with obnoxious designs/colors, then it's usually okay.
Dress shoes are money bait. Just kick it with some decent shoes, and everything will turn out great, indeed.
That's also true Dman & Bogey
30th of August, 2015 (Sunday)
I think Charlie looks good. He's clean, comfortable and neat... also he's eleven... therefore he should not be held to adult standards... I'll even bet that he might still look good or even better than the adults, at the end of the reception when the adults have all made total drunken fools of themselves.
Le Commenter
Hmm, dapper.

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