31st of August, 2015 (Monday)

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31st of August, 2015 (Monday)
And thats enough thinking for him today.
Aww poor baby is falling in love?
Now would be the perfect time for him to ask Sam a really embarrassing question.
I think ash looks really great in a dress. She would totally fit for Charlie...
I wish there was a way for grown up Ash and Sam to get together... That'd be nice :3
My back hurts just looking at them, and I'm in my prime.
Awww, they both look so nice in a tux and a dress.
Huh, have been wondering if any of Charlies thoughts and feelings would transfer to Sam at any time considering all the time travel stuff. Will it be slow or just all at once when Charlie has to go back? Then also how would all of these thoughts and feelings would effect Sam and how he sees Ash? When you thought the regular time travel questions were tough, then you got to add more things to the mix.
Awww. That is just adorable. ^_^
She does have reddish hair...
That’s some top-quality posture on those two. Apparently nothing has changed in the last 17 years.
@RazorD9 we’ve established pretty clearly that at minimum, Charlie gets memory wiped when sent back, and more likely (since the instructions he was sent with implied he would be there permanently, which isn’t possible if they’re from the same timeline) that they’re from different timelines/universes/whatever. So there’s no reason to think that anything Charlie goes through would transfer to Sam.
When was this established?
That's really cute and silly... I wonder if Charlie's memories will be forgotten when he returns to his current time, because it seems like nothing that's happening is changing Sam's memories and it seems like whoever orchestrated this to save Charlie would have the foresight to wipe his memories of the events to preserve the future.
Kid Cthulhu
So Charlie might be keen on a dress after all? No judgement here.
1st of September, 2015 (Tuesday)
THen again, everyone is thinking more along the lines of a linear time stream. The whole situation is less confusing if you pull from a multiverse theory of time travel. Where as there is an infinite number of possible realities based on the choices one makes. Where in Charlie could have made one or even a few different choices compared to Sam. Or even further yet, a Future version of themselves could have sent Charlie into the future to protect him from something Future Them had done.
All in all, just need to remember one very simple sentence. "Time stream is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff."
Aw, man...I JUST finished re-reading the archives! (Read them when I first found the comic by way of an ad elsewhere - with all the comics I read daily, who knows where, exactly).
Now I have to wait until Wednesday for the next installment.
@timmay you probably found this one one from a jeph jacques comic like a fair number of us
Right in the beginning of the comic where it states that lil'Sam is from another timeline... oddly the one that wrote the letter is Sam, meaning there's at least 3 timelines involved at this point.
" People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff."
-Matt Smith, Doctor Who
2nd of September, 2015 (Wednesday)
David Tennant's the one who said that.
I have a theory that when Charlie eventually goes back to his time Ash ends up going with him and becomes Eos. I realize they have different hair and eye colors but she could always have dyed her hair and worn color contacts.
@Rock (from Monday page, I’m late to the party and not sure if this will post to the next page or not):
It’s been established clearly that Sam doesn’t remember any of this happening. So (Dr. Who references aside), that only leaves three possibilities: 1) Charlie will get the memory of this all erased when sent back. 2) Charlie is from a different timeline/universe/whatever, so his memories won’t transfer to this Sam. 3) There’s some sort of reset thing that happens when he gets sent back so that none of this ever happened. Charlie hasn’t been here long enough to age enough for anybody to notice (nor gotten any permanent scars or changes), so we can’t technically rule out #1 yet, but #2 is currently the most likely (particularly from the “*a* darker future” signature on the letter, rather than *the* dark future).
3rd of September, 2015 (Thursday)
Sry, I'm terrible at reading names. O.o
4th of September, 2015 (Friday)
No worries mate, and thanks there. Couldn't remeber the whole quote off the top of my head. And Stomato's right, 10th Doctor(David Tenant) said that.
16th of July, 2016 (Saturday)
Magic Trees

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