26th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Charlie hasn't been to a lot of weddings.

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26th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
Charlie doesn't take his German outside of the classroom, does he?
Do you mean with swearing? That would be funny but I'm sure they don't teach that in formal schooling, he'd have to Google it when he figures out all the... ahem... amazing things the internet holds ;)
Questionably Biased
Is it just me, or are both of the adult males really dickish to kid-Charlie? I don't know about anyone else, but I find it kinda emotionally abusive.
@Questionably Biased. Yeah, they are kinda dickish, but I don't really know at what point such taunts would cross over from just annoying to legitimately abusive.
Also it seems more so Johnny than both of them to me.
Le commenter
Ahh yes, trying on clothes; the bane of any person's childhood.
lol, can't wait to see what Ash is gonna be in.
I can't remember how many times I though getting clothing was abusive when I was a child(never), my 3 brothers were far more "abusive" than these characters... I'm just normal and so are they now...
Then again if it wasn't for my rough childhood I'd never have joined the military, I'd never would have gone to college, and I'd probably still have a functioning right knee... but I'd also probably be too high to care with no job and no savings or retirement fund...
I'm glad my childhood was rough instead of sheltered, taught my some humility, instead of being some silver spoon privileged wimp.
I'm glad that you are "normal" now, and that you turned out well. But please allow me to share my experience, which was the complete opposite of what you seem to think. Everyone grows up different, and not everyone is a "wimp" when they can't handle what is thrown at them.
As a child/teen, I had very feminine facial features. Even with my hair cut short, no matter how I dressed/carried myself, I was mistaken for a girl often enough that my brothers (I also had three) picked up on it as something to target.
And target it they did. All day, every day. It wasn't just being called a girl (and all the insulting words that go along with it, which I'd rather not repeat here), a couple of dozen times a day. They would overpower me and hold me down and plaster my face with my mothers make-up. They would steal all of my clothes and replace them with either my mothers clothing or stuff they'd stolen from washing lines around the neighbourhood. When I objected or fought back, it was...
...three against one and I ended up with cuts and bruises sometimes severe enough to require stitches. Of course, I'd had "Accidents" - I wasn't believed when I said it was them. They were my older brothers, and they were "good". Both my parents worked a lot, so there was ample opportunity for my brothers to go after me. Got a couple of broken ribs in there, too.
At school, they would introduce me as their little sister. So that stuck, no matter my protests. The picking on came from all sides then, with kids at school doing things like physically ejecting me from the changing rooms/toilets because "girls don't use the boys toilets". I had my books stolen, to be returned later with "UGLY GIRL" and much worse written on it in markers.
I told my mother. She said I should ignore it, and they would stop if I showed it didn't bother me. I told my father. He thought it was hilarious and actually started joining in. "How's my girl today?" and buying me "joke" presents of....
...dolls or girl clothes. It was the funniest thing to him.
When I was thirteen, I had a mental breakdown. With the harassment coming from all sides, something in my head flipped and I just couldn't take it any more. I have no real memory of what happened next, but my parents say that they found me sitting on the kitchen floor cutting at my face with a serrated knife, crying and bleeding because I wanted a less "girly" face.
Fast forward to now - I'm in my late thirties. I'm close enough to normal. I have a wife, a family that I treat with respect and understanding. I'm scarred up enough that people are startled by it when they meet me fir the first time. But I'm functional. It took years of therapy, years of drugs, to get me to functional, but I did it. I did.
Because the lessons I was taught were different to yours. I was taught that ignoring things makes them worse. That fighting back gets you beat down. That parents cannot be trusted (still working on that)...
Sorry for the wall of posts. I just wanted to show you that it isn't always simple to make judgements.
There's literally one rule for this comments section, guys. How hard is it to follow one rule?
I'm happy for you that you've managed to survive all of that somehow.
Kid Cthulhu
Thank you, Tober. I was just about to post "Ease up, we all need a little catharsis now and again" before you nuked that one person.
Questionably Biased
Sorry about filling up the comments section with all that. I really do like this comic and the story, I guess I just needed to vomit up some feelings there. :P
Oh, on a completely unrelated note - @Kid Cthulhu - are you a Simon R Green fan? He had a character in his Nightside books with that name, so I wondered.
My life story it's too long to post... I'll shorten it to the cliff notes... near fatal head wound, developed hyper intellect along with severe anger, medication made it worse, psych ward for 3 years, developed crippling social anxiety after, joined military to combat my anxiety (wasn't even able to talk, just nodded and signed), sustained knee injury while deployed...
Your experiences are far more extreme than anything in this comic, there's no need to make waves.
Questionably Biased
I really didn't think I was making waves, Jono. I gave an opinion that I thought the guys were dickish in their behaviour. You signed off your comment talking about silver spoon privileged wimps. I told my story, and regret doing so. I didn't see that as making waves, and I'm sorry if anyone thought that.
I chose my name on purpose when I commented - I *AM* biased, and recognize that. Anyways, it was silly of me to even make a comment about it in the first place and I won't keep filling up the comment section of what is, honestly, a really good webcomic. Take care.
Sorry to be harsh, but this seemed like "the battle of who was most tempered and survived". Boasts aside, the comic is getting intresting-er and intresting-er.
Accusations of abuse are a major issue, even if not intended, it's like if a friend mentions committing suicide or harming themselves... it's not something that can be ignored because it's an unfavorable topic.
I someone's forget not everyone has taken as many psychology courses as I have, he has no signs of emotional distress and I'd still be more worried about him developing PTS from the gunman further down the road than from a joke gift followed up by a gift of his favorite toy.
27th of August, 2015 (Thursday)
Me, not you
Is it weird that I imagine Johnny's voice with a stereotypical New Jersey accent?
is it wierd that i kinda want to see how Charlie would look in that dress?
Kid Cthulhu
@Questionably Biased: Never heard of Simon R Green/Nightside. Kid Cthulhu has been my nickname since high school back in the bygone era of the 90's.
@Kid Cthulhu, @Questionably Biased
The name is more of an H.P. Lovecraft trope
@Me, not you: Hah! I was doing the same thing.
Kid Cthulhu
@Dad: Exactly. I was the only Lovecraft fan at my school. This was also before Cthulhu had become the darling of internet memes.
Me, not you
I hadn't realized how much I wanted that until you said something about it
Great minds think alike, eh? ;D

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