20th of July, 2015 (Monday)

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Ash briefly considered other scenarios before choosing the two most likely presented here.

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20th of July, 2015 (Monday)
You know what I'd think would be fun? If everyone said how they discovered this comic. I saw an ad for it on questionable content, another wedcomic
@mra I don't actually remember how I discovered it, but it was most likely the same way as you. (That or an ad on some other webcomic)
What mra said. :-)
I found it through an ad on Homestuck
Max Mayhem
Or swim clothed and walk around wet after...
I was once always looking for a webcomic to satisfy my webcomic needs. I went on all sorts of comps and lists looking for another still updating comic. That includes this. All I remember of the description is "sci-fi" and "time travel" and I remember imagining a cyberpunk, bottle episode setting when I read the description. So there must have been a failure on the part of whoever wrote it. I discovered it at the title page of chapter 8. I now follow exactly three comics, hoping that none of them go bad.
Kid Cthulhu
Put me in "Questionable Content" camp. I saw the banner and couldn't resist.
(I hope one day fans of -my- comic will be saying things like this).
I also came from QC, I now follow religiously.
@Kid Cthulhu, You have a comic? What's it about?
I found this comic from a forum I frequent.
Found a link to it on El Goonish Shive I believe. Either that or sandra and woo? I don't think it was QC, though I read that daily too >_<
I believe I saw a link to here from Top Web Comics; either that or I saw a link on one of the 40 or so TWC comics I read: Blindsprings or Not A Villian or Wild Life or Supermassive Black Hole A* or some other. I check out new comics every now and then to make sure I'm not missing anything interesting.
I also found an ad for it on Homestuck
I was looking through the list of webcomics on TvTropes, and it sounded interesting.
Also from QC! I kept wondering what would be so interesting about blood-spattered socks XD
Kid Cthulhu
@mra: My comic is basically about strange and no so strange entities coexisting in New Jersey. The set up is 4 panel humor with a punchline on each page. At first everything seems kind of random until characters start reoccurring and their backgrounds get fleshed out. Then storylines become more evident.
I'm not sure if I should be putting links on Tober's messageboard.
QC here!
skinny dipping for all! XD in reality, they could get away with swimming clothed.
@mra, i found it via advert. not sure where tho..
I was looking for new webcomics and found an ad and I decided to check it out, I don't remember where though.
Some pools won't let you swim clothed, even in shorts. Cotton fiber, according to them, runs the chlorine levels down abnormally fast. (Not to mention the chlorine eventually weakening the cotton.)
21st of July, 2015 (Tuesday)
Found my way here via TV Tropes.
I also come from QC and I LOVE YOU ALL
I read sooooooooooo many webcomics, I don't recall which one had the banner ad that led me here. But I'm glad it did.
(High probability it was on QC, but I couldn't say for sure.)
Saw an ad on Alive Grove, another comic by the man who makes QC. Instead of being some sparkly manga or t-shirts, it actually looked interesting. I had to click, and was not disappointed.
Came here from Doctor McNinja.
Child of Doom
you should put in mouseover scripts!

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