22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)

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"It'd never work. What if you went swimming?"

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22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
Isn't Kate his sister? Shouldn't his sister know if she has a nephew before he is eight years old? When was the last time they saw each other? I think "I'm a single parent and have been for eleven years and just never told you about it" would be a hell of a bomb to drop right before her wedding, so as far as not ruining her day, I think that has gone out the window
Or will she wonder why the kid looks just like he did at 11. I know some kids look slightly like a parent, but to be an exact copy? Really rare
I'd assume he would say that he only just met him as well. As in, the mother suddenly showed up or some such.
In Ant-Man, Hank Pym said to Darren Cross that he mentored him "Because I saw my self in [him]". Sounds like a sound reason for adoption.
@Yochanan: That sounds more like the punchline to a pedophilia joke.
Darren was a grown man!
Spoilers, Lang goes subatomic.
Double Bogey
Is anyone concerned how everyone is dressed? Is this a casual/informal wedding? I lost track of time - is the wedding today, or the next day and they're just visiting before the big day?
time is weird. It's even weirder in timeless space.
This is only my assumption but i would think either whats going to happen is that his best friend the groom would have already told her about the younger self, or that she is too caught up in the wedding to ask any questions. Or it could totally come out of left field and spurn another comic strip in explaining the situation to anther person :) (understand that it takes work to come up with comics and do not mean to sound like i'm not completely happy you are making it).
Charlie is so sensative about looking like a girl, yet refuses to cut his hair.
I love it. I've known a few people like that.
The lengths Ash would go to see Charlie in a dress... Actually, considering everything in this page alone, she didn't need to reach far.
@Double Bogey: I believe they're just going for a visit before the big event.
@lokitsu you're right, that does sound like a pedo joke.
Wouldn't their sister recognise him? I mean "he looks exactly like you at his age... wait"
Kid Cthulhu
The constant gender-bending humor reminds me of Shakespeare. And I mean that in a good way. Also, Charlie missed his chance to quip, "And who's Ash? Your son?"
I think that in the first panel, when Sam says to Charlie, "...so you're my son alright?" He means Charlie is Sam's son to the other guests. That way Kate doesn't have to answer difficult questions... I'm sure Johnny has already filled Kate in on the situation... this way all can be clarified for Kate's benefit at a later, more convenient time.
23rd of July, 2015 (Thursday)
I'm in agreement with Wally - Kate has to be aware of the extra guests already and will probably have been or at least will be told the truth.
On the other hand, a man can have a child he never knew existed until he shows up on his doorstep saying "Hi dad, I finally got mom to tell me who you were!" after a single night of unprotected fun.
"Unprotected fun"
I made a human in my basement!
@Yochanan: "I made a human in my basement!"
I bet you didn't do it without help.
Obviously just tell Kate that you learned how to clone and grew a mini me in a lab. Thats plausible.

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