17th of July, 2015 (Friday)

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Why don't you just kill them now, Sam?

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17th of July, 2015 (Friday)
methinks they don't care about any of that.
Love this comic! Too cute!
That's kawaii desu!
Kid Cthulhu
I love these kids. Most kids in fiction are either disgustingly saccharine-sweet or horrible brats that you want to feed to the T-Rex/shark/misc bad guy. Sam and Ash are believable as well as being great characters. Not an easy tightrope to walk. I salute you, Tober.
is togs Australian slang for swim shorts?
Agreeing with Chthulhu on that. You've done a great job so far, Tober. Very believable characters, and very well-developed.
Not- God, why did you go there? Weirdo. Ash is basically flat. Stop thinking that way, someone's going to get the wrong idea.
@mra Urbandictionary says yes :)
Double Bogey
The drawing is great with the kids. I love the sad puppy eyes and especially the last frame where you can see them rolling their eyes back! AWWWW, MAAAANNNN!! C'MON, DUDE!!
Methinks ash is going to get a swimsuit from sam's sister.
@ Zophah Bet you not. Because nothing says ruined wedding like necrotizing fasciitis
Don't look up images of Necrotising Fasciitis. I did that. I regret it.
Congratulations, Author. I just read you entire comic in one sitting. Onto the list it goes. Anxiously waiting for more.
I also love this page, even though it looks like there is some copy / paste and slight edit going on :)
Works well.
Hey, Maybe sister has a swimming pool... and spare 'swim togs'!
19th of July, 2015 (Sunday)
Opus the Poet
They could also get a waterproof dressing for swimming. I had one on the surgical wound after one of my operations so I could ride my bicycle without getting sweat in the incision.
20th of July, 2015 (Monday)
I really love the kids' expressions.
Also agreeing with Cthulu - yay character development!
And yes, togs is Australian (and New Zealand) slang for any sort of swimming costume.

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