25th of April, 2022 (Monday)

Page 616

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25th of April, 2022 (Monday)
Opus the Poet
Alrighty, moving the plot right along.
Was just making my way through Dumbing of Age and thought I'd check on BSS. Glad it's still going
27th of April, 2022 (Wednesday)
Up Here
Glad to hear that! And even better knowing you’re able work on this lovely comic again. Hope all of the other stuff goes okay for you. Be well.
Up Here
Huh? How did my comment from April 3 repeat here?
Up Here
Ah, there’s nothing like being able to go back in time and lecture your younger self!
Thanks for the new pages!
30th of April, 2022 (Saturday)
Great to see a new page, I did a bit of a double-take when it loaded lol. Hope you're doing well, Tober.
9th of May, 2022 (Monday)
I went back a few chapters to refresh my memory on the effects that led up to the time travel snafu. I forgot how much I love the tone of this comic, and how the kids really sound and act like kids. I hope someday that it gets its due in full color, and maybe we get a print version. Until then, I'm just looking forward to the resolution of the story. Thanks for your dedication and your great storytelling!
12th of May, 2022 (Thursday)
all that Versi said: I love this comic and particularly the kid's interactions

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