21st of December, 2017 (Thursday)

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21st of December, 2017 (Thursday)
We may be finding out what happens if Charlie slays Rothwell.
While I think he's just being stubborn now, Rothwell isn't completely wrong. Humanity was going to perish anyway. It would have just been slower. Although, in his future, there's a higher likelihood of having enough survivors for humanity to be saved, because nature is a lot better at overcoming viruses than nukes and killer robots.
┬źnature is a lot better at overcoming viruses than nukes and killer robots┬╗
But in Rothwell's future there are nukes, they have been used as well as biological weapons, and killer humans are constantly massacring each other. And apparently Charlie/Sam is the root cause of that too, just as his death is the root cause of Memnon killing everybody.
IIRC Sam's friend Johnny and EOS work in a molecular biology lab.
The origins of Eos are a mystery, even to her, and she and Sam are mutually interested in at the very least a carnal sort of way. What will they spawn? (She's capable of doing it by other than the traditional means.) Sooner or later Tober's going to show us what's down that whorl.
Slugfiller might be right, it did say some people were immune to the virus but its a lose-lose situation might be better to try and prevent Charlie/Sam from doing whatever he did without killing him
22nd of December, 2017 (Friday)
Good job grabbing the katana again. All hope is not lost yet.

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