28th of February, 2014 (Friday)

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The only reason sixth graders are doing algebra is because I pulled a blank trying to think of a simpler form of maths.

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10th of September, 2014 (Wednesday)
12th of December, 2014 (Friday)
eh, we did algebra in grade 6. i dont think its that odd.
17th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
Mmm, perhaps exponentiation, roots, logarithms? Don't remember now. I didn't start algebra until 8th and I was advanced.
3rd of April, 2015 (Friday)
The one who NOX
okay so just in case you you peeps were wondering....
a) 7x=21 --> x=3
b) 2x+6=0 --> x=-3
c) 8-3x=2x+5 --> x=-3
d) 7+3x=22 --> x=5
e) 3x-4=20-5x --> x=3
f) 5x+3=9-x --> x=1
g) x(6+9)=3 --> x= 3/15 or 0.2
h) (x-1)=-5 --> x=-4
i) 5(x+2)=7(x+1)+1 --> x=1
17th of April, 2015 (Friday)
BTW, in modern schools, 6th graders ARE doing Algebra.
22nd of June, 2015 (Monday)
Christ, that's just question one. This is why I was so happy to be out of school, I guarantee it.
15th of July, 2016 (Friday)
@tualha wait when the hell did people teach logarithms in 6th grade
21st of July, 2016 (Thursday)
I taught myself algebra in fifth grade from a book.

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