26th of February, 2016 (Friday)

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How does she know about the kissing?

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26th of February, 2016 (Friday)
That Guy
The lip scar speaks volumes.
So ash looks like the red haired demon then.
Two clones :)
"Wait, which secret?"
Kid Cthulhu
I love how Eos never seems to talk down to the kids. She seems to be the only adult that respects them.
Whether you have a secret or not, the proper response in this situation is 'Prove it.' Then no matter what they say, laugh.
@kiraen - no. Always mess with them. Give half an excuse mentioning two or three unrelated things leaving them confused.
OMG Eos is a time traveler and they're her parents!!! HL3 confirmed!!!
Eos. Eos pls.
Waiting for a huge twist.
Be smart, say "No, really. What secret?".
like owed back at the archives today. Really like that it shows a whole chapter at once.
We started heading to this wedding 11 months ago. We will catch up to the 2017 timeline before the reception is over at this rate.
Thoroughly enjoying this comic. Keep it coming.
That is "looked back", not "like owed"
Marvelous. XD Proper communication is so important.
28th of February, 2016 (Sunday)
More like WHICH secret, they have so many...

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