25th of January, 2016 (Monday)

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Swing and a miss.

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25th of January, 2016 (Monday)
That was rude. And now? Ask the kids?
But still... Nice story :-)
How... Where did you get there DNA? More fishing and false claims?
Well, that was kinda intrusive.
She works at the place that does the DNA testing when they took the DNA in the first place. One can then guess she also ran the test... I wonder if there's more to it than that.
Although I wonder if she used the word clone thinking he's an actual clone or just to simplify that they're the same person...
Kid Cthulhu
She is Johnny's boss, isn't she? I'm sure she knows when people do DNA testing on her watch.
Good catch, Jono!
Ooooooooooooooooh, I forgot johnny had him tested at work. That makes so much more sense.
thing 1
A clone would show at least some small signs of genetic damage, wouldn't it?
If news of this gets out, this could cause big problems for both of the Innows; Sam and Charlie. The government would seize their persons and the time device. Possibly leading to vivesection, or other experiments... at the very least loss of freedom for both of them.
@Rock: Not necessarily. While it is popularly held that clones will have shorter telomeres and so live shorter lives and have greater risk for DNA damage at the tips of their chromosomes... studies have not held this to be true. Of course, you might not be thinking of that, but it bears stating. Regarding damage from mutations because the clone has to grow and there will be ample time in that process for "damage" to accrue: there may be some small mutations away from the base template just from normal cell replication and division... but nothing greater than the cell-to-cell variance already present in the donor's body. Given a sample of DNA from both of them, I would bet quite a large amount of money that any genetic test we have today would say that the DNA came from the same donor. Given the knowledge available to Eos, Charlie being a clone of Sam is pretty much the only reasonable conclusion for her, barring some ridiculous idea about time travel....
Eos just told him she can't give birth.
@Wally: Human rights don't work that way. Just because you have something unusual about you, doesn't mean you instantly lose the right of freedom, due process, etc. If anything, the media would have their heads long before the government.
Eos doesn't want to expose Charlie/Sam to any of that. She wants to reproduce or to understand her own origins.
26th of January, 2016 (Tuesday)
Phlatus the Elder
Will we find out that Eos has a scar on her foot, too?
or... Eos was timeshifted herself from ancient greece. her red hair and green eye suggest celtic and the greek dark ages was supposedly caused by celtic invasions.
or... perhaps she is the personification of Eos herself, the greek goods are involved, we are yet to see who's side they are on.
or... all that is way too involved for a comic, and she is just nosy.

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