16th of November, 2015 (Monday)

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This conversation would not be materially different if she were covered in blood and asking for help to bury 'some bozo'.

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16th of November, 2015 (Monday)
That dress really brings out her eyes
Haha hahaha hahahaha... Them faces expressions...
Did you notice you they fit the title image? I wonder if that's intentional
Eos is working with the time assassin! Or she wants to know Sam more...
lol, even ash wanted in!
Kid Cthulhu
I love how everyone jumps when Eos come calling. Lady's got magnetism!
From the looks on Sam's and Ash's faces you could've titled this strip "Dead Man Walking".
Charlie got picked by the hawt lady... Wooo Hooo...This might cause Ash to re-think her 'tough guy / I'm ignoring you' act...
I agree with Jono's second thought. Eos is trying to get a scoop about Sam from Charlie, and Charlie knows a lot more than she thinks he does. :^p
Those chosen by the gods often have to face envy... especially if they enjoy it too clearly. ;)
I think she just wants Charlie alone to ask in if he is from the past.
I would like to see the bloody body version.
17th of November, 2015 (Tuesday)
Nothing good can come of this.
My first thought was the thumb indicating behind her was the dress needing zipped.
Mark Linimon
Got a literal lol on this one.
@Faust You mean unzipped.
18th of November, 2015 (Wednesday)
Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Eos looks like a grown up version of Ash right down to the hair and eye color? Just wondering...
19th of November, 2015 (Thursday)
Ash has blue eyes, eos has green ones
Ash is blonde, eos a redhead

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