11th of November, 2015 (Wednesday)

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That's certainly one way of describing what just happened.

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11th of November, 2015 (Wednesday)
Darn, Sam didn't walk in on that. comedy gold opportunity missed.
Elf king
Yay, I was right :) I agree with you though @shadowrunner that would have been a great moment for older Sam to walk in.
And if Sam walked in he'd probably be wearing nothing but a towel.
Wait, is that a suspicious red pixel I see on Charley's lip?
Neethan- more than a single pixel and it wasn't there on the last page.
Kid Cthulhu
Go Ash!
Ash bit his lip. BTW good call EK. +1 internet for you
Ash is a vampire.
Nah, wouldn't be wearing a towel... just a sheep. :/ Aussies are ... strange.
"There! Forget THAT!"
He got a kiss and a love nibble in one; Charlie doesn't even begin to know what the hell is happening. :^p
This is one of the best webcomics I've read, and I'm picky. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Dani Atlanta
I agree with Lloyd. Damn good comic writing!
We guys are a clueless bunch... the gals have it all planned out and we are on the way to the prom, or the altar and wondering WTF just happened?
Yes, Sam, yes you did.
Please tell me that a disgruntled Ash runs into a confused, naked Sam in the hallway
12th of November, 2015 (Thursday)
Sam would have a towel. still walking into a Eos in her undies and Sam in a towel would be... interesting
You kissed. And now you're bleeding. Good luck explaining that to Elder Sam and Johnny.
On the previous page she said "You bastard!" How serious of a swear word is "bastard" in Australia?
In the USA it's not a word that would be bleeped out on TV, but I flew once on a British Air flight and the word "bastard" was bleeped from the in-flight show (it was an episode of Blackadder, first season). It made me wonder if "bastard" is a more serious word in Commonwealth countries.
P.S. The second Austin Powers movie title contained a word that is not at all serious in the USA, but is bleep-worthy in some countries... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0145660/trivia?item=tr0739153

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