23rd of September, 2015 (Wednesday)

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It was a really bad poem. It rhymed 'eyes' with eyes'.

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23rd of September, 2015 (Wednesday)
Nah, rhyming 'eyes' with 'eyes' is just incompetent. Rhyming 'eyes' with 'thighs' is when it gets truly bad.
Kid Cthulhu
Yeah, she knows something's up. Definitely. Even more so than when she was looking at the old photo.
Ugn, Charlie, you just said you don't know who yer mom is. Way to keep to the cover story.
Not knowing his mother? Red hair and used to be in a relationship with his dad and being his mum should be big clues as to who the red haired demon is. Up to now he has been staying... Not with his dad anyway. He should know his mum. He really fouled up there.
@ Lucky: they could spin a yarn about how the redhead gave him up as a baby and Charlie didn't find out until much later.
@Fookiesan - The Knack did it! ;)
Opus the Poet
Simple response: This was presented to me as my son, I did a DNA test and it came back as my son, and I have no idea who the mother is because the kid has been fostered all his life.
24th of September, 2015 (Thursday)
Frankly, this couldn't be going much worse. If trends continue, it will end in fire and chaos.
I would very much like that.
We shall see what the future holds.
Both Sam (adult) and Charlie (youth) were warned not to tell anyone who Charlie is and where/when/how he arrived in the current time line. Even the lies are going to be hard to deal with especially with the 'mystery' hit man hanging around... no one knows who he is or where he comes from. He might even be Sam's/Charlie's best friend (Johnny) out for revenge for screwing up the wedding? (a possibility, yet to come)...

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