13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)

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"That'll learn him to throw underwear at my head. Somehow."

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13th of May, 2015 (Wednesday)
that, Charlie, is your only warning to NOT turn around.
Kid Cthulhu
These kids are hysterical.
@shadowrunner2323 ...but... what if Charlie WANTS to turn around? What then?
Nice trick, your clothes folding when you throw them. I need to learn how to do that.
@sporenightreloaded then he is gonna get a can of whoop arse opened in his face.
Now Charlie is going to have to hand the clothes back to an underdressed Ash - probably with his eyes shut.
i just realized how many times i've forgotten that Ash was a girl.
@shadowrunner2323: I've almost forgotten that as well, however her feeble attempts and using the loo while standing up has reminded me...
She needs to do some Keegle excercises.
Fill me in if I’m confused, but I thought the entire country of Japan as well as anywhere else that uses squat toilets had demonstrated that while peeing standing up with female-parts is a learned and somewhat challenging skill, doing so while squatting and clothed is easily accomplished. I’d always assumed that was just something people knew how to do.
Does it actually take more practice than I think to pop a squat without peeing on your own pants, or is Ash just incompetent?
14th of May, 2015 (Thursday)
It's not that she can't squat... it's just that she saw Charlie doing it while fully standing up and has decided that no matter what she would do it that same way. She can't accept that he can do something that she cannot. At this point it's just the principle of the matter, not about getting the job done differently.
It seems Ash has no problem with the idea of nudity, joking with Charlie about getting a pants-down spanking to even the score of her seeing his underwear, then about going commando in his clothes, and then about going to the wedding naked instead. Her favorite song on her cast profile is about being naked. She threw both her shorts and underwear at Charlie, so is currently naked from the waist down while in the presence of both Charlie and Sam (or should that be the singular of Charlie/Sam since they are the same single person?). I don't see why she wouldn't get back into the car without any pants on yet, just for the chance to see Charlie squirm in embarassment.
Funniest part about all of this is that I know a few women that can pee from a relatively standing position. It's more of hip-thrust position but after enough beer, it's doable.
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
Not too many places in Japan have squatty potties and if they do have one they also have regular toilets... Korea is more known for squatty potties (and China per what my friend says so I can't attest for China personally).

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