12th of February, 2015 (Thursday)

Page 186

Might be a good idea to answer her.

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12th of February, 2015 (Thursday)
What does the perpendicular line with the arrow mean?
The shit is getting...so real.
@Yochanan I thiiiink that Tober said it's the electrical symbol for "Normal" once?
Uh someone's a bit angry OnO;;
@Willomo @Yochanan Yeah, that's the symbol for "normal" (I only know it in the context of "normal force," in Newtonian physics, though, rather than electrical engineering, although I wouldn't be at all surprised if it meant similar things in the different fields of context).
But why on the mask?
Opus the Poet
Also part of the schematic symbols for both a capacitor and a diode.
Why didn't assassin kill Sam to prevent him from getting in the way? Ash was a non-target, but Charlie and Sam are the same person so killing the younger one would eliminate the older, right?
@SporNightReloaded: Some of us can only function in society by wearing a paper-thin mask of normalcy.
My only advice is that if you find that someone is wearing a mask, DO NOT try to find out what's on the other side (unlike in the comic, apparently). It almost NEVER ends well. Most people make masks to protect themselves from people. Some make them to protect PEOPLE from THEM.
you know i get that he's supposed to look like a girl and she's supposed to look like a guy but the clothes they are wearing right now really make them look like the opposite gender
The normal mask probably means he was hiding in plain sight pretending to be normal and he isn't, he is a time traveler.
Ash throwing a blow at him is obvious if he explained things, also the mask or pretending to be normal has shattered, for both ash and as a place to hide.
Yikes >.
I -LOVE- your use of symbolism! ^^
I'm pretty sure the mask is a reference to The Masquerade, the hiding of the supernatural from the general public, hence the maks with a normality symbol on it. Presumably, this page is representing them telling Ash about the time travel. (Or rather, Ash punching her way through their BS to get at the truth)
I guess Ash is going to learn the truth in this chapter...
Normal mask is broken... but I guess when gunman breaks in and tries to shoot you normal is already out the window anyway.
This actually kind breaks my heart to see Ash so upset, but seeing as she just went through its expected.
24th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
I love how she just looks so nonchalant while punching the mask
10th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
If I took that advice, I would be an exceptionally different person. I suppose it's ironic...
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
Mar... it's a different timeline, as stated in the beginning if lil Sam dies it would in no way affect big Sam.
The assassin is clearly only here to correct the time disturbance of the same two people in the same timeline... my main question is why the jump forward on this timeline? But I'll patiently wait cause this is a great comic

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