Friday, 4th of April, 2014

Page 56

It's Johnny. From earlier. But drawn better. Like I promised.

Monday, 7th of April, 2014

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Friday, 11th of April, 2014

Page 58

Ash's house is a Queenslander, which is a type of house found in... Queensland. Not the most imaginative name for it.

Monday, 14th of April, 2014

Page 59

"Sure if that's what you call this thing"

Friday, 18th of April, 2014

Page 60

Ash's accent is barely noticeable except for the week she gets back from her holiday in America.

Monday, 21st of April, 2014

Page 61

Presently Ash is cursing her reliance on spell check.

Friday, 25th of April, 2014

Page 62

She reluctantly decided it would be best if she did let go when they got there.

Monday, 28th of April, 2014

Page 63

Charlie is hoping the maths final will be a guitar solo.

Friday, 2nd of May, 2014

Page 64

Sam taped the note back together later.

Monday, 5th of May, 2014

Page 65

To be perfectly fair, Sam punched one of Johnny's teeth out when he heard Johnny had been dating his sister.
I don't think Charlie can punch quite that high, though.

Friday, 9th of May, 2014

Page 66

Maybe if Charlie angled it right he could get a solid kick in now.

Monday, 12th of May, 2014

Page 67

Friday, 16th of May, 2014

Page 68

You say that Johnny but an 11 year old did just bite through one.

Monday, 19th of May, 2014

Page 69

"I was thinking a razor and a bucket"

Friday, 23rd of May, 2014

Page 70

I hate when I forget to buy a present for someone because they don't exist yet. So embarrassing.

Monday, 26th of May, 2014

Page 71

"Also being insulted"

Friday, 30th of May, 2014

Page 72

Sam thought he had something with his gannt chart, but it proved a dead end.

Monday, 2nd of June, 2014

Page 73

It was a really good computer, too. Top of the line.

Friday, 6th of June, 2014

Page 74

"And what was up with you not replying until we walked to this closet?"