11th of January, 2018 (Thursday)

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11th of January, 2018 (Thursday)
I imagine his time-travel accent to be the sound of talking through a phased pedal with the rate too high.
12th of January, 2018 (Friday)
Oh golly. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I don't think I like it.
Shouldn't half of Rothwell's tie have fallen off? We lost Charlie on one whorl, it's might be Sam's turn on this one.
I guess we'll now learn why this chapter is called The Bridge!
Charlie is being saved by Sam? Saving one's self? Trying to find an allegory...
13th of January, 2018 (Saturday)
As far as we have been told, Rothwell does not yet know that Charlie and Sam are the same person. He may snuff Sam and send everyone, his self included, off on a different time whorl. We already know getting killed doesn't eliminate a person.
We also know that time travel starts with a physical leap. I'm thinkin' The Bridge is or marks a portal in some way.
14th of January, 2018 (Sunday)
maybe he was gonna try taking Charlie back with him, hoping that would solve the issue without killing him

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