15th of January, 2018 (Monday)

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15th of January, 2018 (Monday)
It's the classic Terminator scenario -- go back further in time and kill him as a baby!
Might be wrong here but that looks like more of an intentional wound not a kill. The blade tip is bloody not the 10-12" it would hurt but shouldn't kill.
Funtastic Squirrel
Gonna need more than a bandaid for that poke!
Yeah! Stop the baddie!
It's probably Charlie but, maybe it's not...
Just the tip?
Kid Cthulhu
@Laughing Target: Someone's a fan of Archer, too ^_^
16th of January, 2018 (Tuesday)
@PyroKill With just a poke like that, he's not likely to bleed out. But there's still the possibility of infection! Plus he's been dosed with who-knows-what chems. Medical attention is required.
@Majaki Agreed it's a deep wound and will need solid medical attention.. the point / question I have is why Not a kill strike? It looks like an intentional "non-lethal" stab where he could have easily completed it or done the same at the throat or simple finished him before San got back ...wondering the purpose.. curious where this is going :-)
Sam is fighting him. He may have wanted to go deeper.
It's possible that he didn't want to kill Charlie for whatever reason but instead wanted to change the course of history without killing him.
Will a new scar turn up on Sam, or has it always been there? Or not?
17th of January, 2018 (Wednesday)
Too far of centre for the heart, too low for the lung... hard to tell the nature of the wound though it’s still possible to be lethal.
I still want to know if the watch works with just the destination time or time difference. When would he end up if he fell of the bridge?
Guesstimation of location would indicate possible laceration to the stomach.
In real life, a single stab wound isn't usually fatal (probably because victims with single wounds get to treatment in time).
21st of January, 2018 (Sunday)
Will we ever get color back?
We will get color back when Tober feels better. Be glad you're getting a comic.

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