6th of July, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 480

When I originally wrote this chapter, Iphones were a new thing. I was only dimly aware of them, so I was imagining one of those old style keypad ones. For a story set in 2017.

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6th of July, 2017 (Thursday)
Sister Grif
Beautiful page
Kid Cthulhu
Don't worry about it, Tober. I still have a flip phone ^_~
The glasses look really nice.
Who could possibly be calling from the US? New Zealand was foreign enough!
7th of July, 2017 (Friday)
Dude, US? Nothing good can come from answering. I know, I'm from there.
Also, reflection and distortion in the glass? Awesome.
Inspector Hound
For what it's worth, there are ongoing attempts to revive the Blackberry, keyboard and all.
Also, agreed, nice reflection effect.
21:14 local, eh? I thought I might be clever and get some idea of where the caller might be in the US. Then I looked into Auz time zones. And I'd thought the US was confusing! You people just wake up with the cockatiels kookaburras, don't you?
The glass in this page is marvelous! Fantastic job! very excite to see who is calling.
8th of July, 2017 (Saturday)
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9th of July, 2017 (Sunday)
Better charge that phone soon.

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