3rd of July, 2017 (Monday)

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One day Ash will be walking along and suddenly remember saying this, and then she will run straight into a brick wall.

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3rd of July, 2017 (Monday)
lol, double entendre much?
Kid Cthulhu
It's -always- the flippy flops, isn't it?
Opus the Poet
I went back and looked at the page that showed how he got that scar and yeeks! Do you know hard you have to pull to get through 2 layers of skin and denim pants? And coming out is harder than getting in.
Keith(the blithering
shadow, you ever notice it's the accidental double entendre's that accidentally insult that get us in the most trouble. Well, it does with me anyway.
Lucky for him that the ends of the hooks protruded - that way you can snip off the point/barbs for easy, minimum-trauma removal. Ripping the barbed hooks out backwards would be unpleasant.
4th of July, 2017 (Tuesday)
Mrak, if you get a barbed hook stuck you're supposed to push it through so that you can cut off the barb rather than try to pull it back out for just that reason.
@Mrak - after it was removed he stuck it in his best friend so they now have matching scars. That insinuates it was intact after removal. I don't think adults were aware until after this was done.
5th of July, 2017 (Wednesday)
That sounds like the final line from a Lovecraft story.
"It was the flippy flops! The flippy flops!"

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