12th of December, 2016 (Monday)

Page 435

Says the girl who has a time travelling friend.

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12th of December, 2016 (Monday)
Yay, color!
Yeah, they're not just both idiots, Emi; they're actually the *same* idiot.
Kid Cthulhu
Well this is a nice treat. The somewhat-gradient background looks good too. Well done, Tober.
Sam's reaction classic, hope your feeling better tober
Nice to see that some color has returned to your face tober. Thank you for the awesome comic!
Emi's look is "Really bro? You just had to go there..." now I'm wondering if she's aware of the terminator movies lol
As to sexes, isn't this the story of the girl who looked like a boy and the boy who looked like a girl?
13th of December, 2016 (Tuesday)
Presumably: Hyperion => Eos => Memnon => Emi.
Still uncertain about the role of Sam Charlie Innow in all this: his death in front of Eos in the "pre-Emi" 2017 timeline triggered Eos to build Memnon, and thus create the whole time loop, but what is the purpose of him living? Perhaps him and Ashley eventually build Hyperion?
Now, now. She's not an AI from *the* future.
She's an AI from *a* future.
Yay, colorS!
Hope it means you're better, Tober.
Colors and shading! This looks very nice Tober!
14th of December, 2016 (Wednesday)
that kiwi guy
YAY! this looks great! =), hope you didnt push yourself too much!
17th of December, 2016 (Saturday)
Opus the Poet
I don't think Ash knows her friend is a time-traveller yet.
18th of December, 2016 (Sunday)
@Opus the Poet
Yeah she does, she found out during the road trip

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