28th of November, 2016 (Monday)

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28th of November, 2016 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Woo hoo! Another page!
That's your new house guest Sam!
I wish I could hug myself and have it be heartwarming, but noooo. All I get are weird looks. D:< ~also, glad u back Tober!!
"She's Eos's 'grand daughter'."
29th of November, 2016 (Tuesday)
2nd of December, 2016 (Friday)
Brent O'Gara
@memBrain "She's Eos's 'grand daughter'." is probably the best possible interpretation of the situation... and also true... from a certain point of view. I like it... too bad Eos isn't going to like it. :)
3rd of December, 2016 (Saturday)
Deof Movestofca
@Brent O'Gara: Telling Eos who Emi is would also meant that they would also probably have to explain to her who Charlie is since (IIRC) she already thinks that he's Sam's clone after running tests on Charlie's blood and Sam's saliva and finding that the DNA matches (see http://bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archive/353 and http://bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archive/354). If Eos knew that Emi was a timetraveller, she certainly could work out that Charlie is one as well.
5th of December, 2016 (Monday)
@ Brent
U kidding? She'll be thrilled! She always wanted a kid:3
8th of December, 2016 (Thursday)
that kiwi guy
hey can you start and go back and finish these?
9th of December, 2016 (Friday)
@kiwi guy: Tober isn't even feeling up to putting up an unfinished comic these days, it may be a bit too much to ask to to his workload now
Anyone else not entirely sure they like the new layout?
10th of December, 2016 (Saturday)
Tober is having health problems, Db3. Most of us just want him to recover. If that means we wait six weeks between updates, we wait.
13th of December, 2016 (Tuesday)
I get that he's sick and want him to recover. The time between updates is not a problem. The page layout just seems weird since, as long as I've been reading BSS, the comments always were situated under the comic, not right next to it.
Db3, that's because you're looking at the wide archive version of the site (at /archivewide). If you return to bloodsplatteredsocks.com, you will find the regular style layout.

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