15th of August, 2016 (Monday)

Page 419

I wonder if Emi can swim.

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15th of August, 2016 (Monday)
Me, not you
Take your time Eos, it's not like there's an immediate life or death situation going on a few feet in front of you---wait...
I'm missing something... They interlocked fingers then flew apart?
Great page :)
Think I've noticed foreshadowing regarding a character, something that's not been pointed out yet. If I'm right, wow.
Me, not you
About that foreshadowing, I'm just messin'.
Magic Trees
Well okay
What are you doing
Kid Cthulhu
It's almost like Emi & the Chrono-Assassin repelled each other like magnets. Like Emi was all ready to wrestle and they were violently pushed apart when they touched. Perhaps a side-effect of beings from two differently timelines touching each other in a third timeline?
Emi's 'dorbleness endures even blood!! LOTS of it!
Also, the magnet thing is solid.
Also also, we need some ship names here guys. Charlemi, Chashley, Seos-- ok forgive me it's harder than it looks. HELP
Worlds collide, Jerry! Worlds collide!
Wait! I have a theory! Because of this change in the timeline thingys, Eos will now build a sentient unicorn! And it'll be purple! It makes perfect sense, especially when you look at the exact angle of the blood on Emi.
@Zombies - I was really kinda hoping for a rainbow unicorn. Rainbow Dash comes to mind...
Panel 4: Brrrraaaaiiinnnnsssss
Panel 5: Sure, I can play too. Brains.
@Kid Cthulhu: Yeah; unless like both her and the chrono assassin have super strength, it'd be quite hard to push back with enough force to break the fence.
It's much more likely they were repelled.
@SenpaiSizzle Emi and Rothwell DO both have super strength. They're both engineered humans, with superhuman strength.
Rothwell's strength was established with regards to his huge rifle, that he can lift single-handedly, while for a human, it would require huge effort with both hands.
Emi's strength is implied by her heritage, relation to Memnon, and the way Rothwell was surprised by her ability to repel him.
No magnets here. This is your average Terminator vs Terminator battle.
The Theorist
Well said SlugFiller. Load your own shells?
16th of August, 2016 (Tuesday)
@SlugFiller also the fence was already broken, it probably wouldn't have taken that much force to send them through it.
@Tober love the hair movement in those last two panels
Rufus Opus
What about the hand? how did that just re-grow after being severed in the last one? Did I miss something?
@rufus opus
I thought so too, but, in looking back, his hand is visibly connected later in the previous page. I think that it did a great deal of damage to the veins in his forearm, but wasn't able to cut through the bone. That's the problem with giving a twelve year-old a sword; there's not enough strength behind the swing.
17th of August, 2016 (Wednesday)
At the very least, it would have cut though several tendons and the hand would be mostly useless. Unless he's a terminator, of course.
@raven You know, that's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
omg I just realized that eos is gonna show up really soon!! :D
Some Physicist Guy
@Faust, Kid Cthulhu, SlugFiller... others...
Unless they are actually the same person from conflicting timelines? Am I the only one who thought of that? Same matter, same place? Of course usual theory on that is they merge together and excess material gets obliterated into tachyons and heat (like a small nuke).

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