11th of August, 2016 (Thursday)

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Today on Blood Splattered Socks: blood splattered everything

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11th of August, 2016 (Thursday)
Me, not you
Well then.... o__o
sword is missing in the first panel
Well that escalated quickly
If only mem could see her now
Kid Cthulhu
Whoa... I did NOT see this coming. Once again, Tober surprises us.
WOW. I did not expect such gore from this comic.
I did not expect such gore from this comic
You've got to admit that the title of the comic gives fair warning . . .
Someone has been watching too many movies. Over a gallon of blood lost in a slit second?
What the hell dude
I didn't expect all that
I expected his hand to come off
But not this like dAMN
Magic Trees
Wait I just realized that she wasn't hold the sword on the first panel-
If you aren't trained in the use of firearms and have through some miracle disarmed an assailant holding one, chucking the gun away IS the wisest thing you can do...
Remember when this was a cutesy slice of life about two 12 year olds? Now we have friggin' Kill Bill junior addition.
The Dude
She's some kind of time-traveling techno-grand-niece to Eos.
Interesting coincidence that someone wrote "crack" on the rail.
Rock, he might think he can't use this one either.
Mr. Jones
Oh my. What a splatter.
Someone has been watching too many movies. Over a gallon of blood lost in a slit second?"
I see what you did there....slit .....
wow.... that is a LOT of blood. also, missing sword.
Good night Irene! Rothwell should really get his blood pressure checked more often...and maybe bled a little bit... Holy cat....
So, what will Eos do now, I wonder? According to previous parallel-scene, she's not far, with Rothwell's gun...
Thinking further.
If this is not parallel-worlds but plain time travel, Emi -a killing machine designed by Mem- should disappear because now Eos has no reason to create Mem. And there, we're caught in a time paradox, aren't we? Because if Emi doesn't exist, Charlie's still dead.
But if this *is* parallel-worlds, Charlie's still dead in another timeline and Mem will still destroy humanity "there", though the timeline/world which is important for us is obviously the one Tober will choose to follow. So all this's really puzzling.
It's definitely parallel-worlds. Sam clearly remembers events that happened to him at Charlie's age, and time-travelling to the future to pose as his future-self's son never happened in his personal timeline.
Changing the past in general doesn't have to change YOU. It depends on how he has things work in his world of course. If she were to return to the point she left from, she might find that the world is very different, and she might never have been born, but it doesn't have to have changed her relative timeline.
way to much criticism today, can't you all just enjoy the comic. as for the blood complaints, maybe he bleeds differently from us, after all he is not necessarily human
The blood, though it's a ton, makes sense amount wise. That slice would have gone through several veins, and his heart was probably pounding really hard because running and what not. The blood looks really good too! So proud of you Tober!! Keep up this incredible work!
@MatthewBernal, I think Rothwell kicked Emi and Charlie into the rail, cracking it.
Amazing Thingy
You butterfingers! You dropped the gun!
12th of August, 2016 (Friday)
Perhaps the missing sword isn't an error. Perhaps it's a sort of antimatter thing? It and Rothwell can't touch? Might explain the excessive burst of blood, considering his hand didn't come off. And then the swird blinks back into existence (sans sheath) ... thanks to, I dunno, Memnon / AI Dad wanting it to?
And welcome back Tober! Hope things are better now!
Anyone thinking that's too much blood, just keep in mind the wrist has a lot of very important veins in it, so that actually seems like a reasonable amount
Hmmm...magical invisible sword? Good to see you back to making your comic again! As far as anything that doesn't seem real...it's just a fictional comic. Why worry about blood volume? I'm all for the gore and irrational time travel paradoxes! Bring it!
None of this makes sense anymore.
Some Physicist Guy
I think the missing sword was just an... art-type? I acceidently forget to turn layers back on when doing technical renderings for mechanical designs.
I honestly expected him to get stabbed in the foot, you know ironic consistency and all that. Although I'm sure their socks got some too...
The Frog Master
@cloud seriously tho. Rothwell's gonna end up like most of the Crazy 88s: heavily dismembered and floating belly-up in the water.
Sick and Tired
@... well... @almost everyone
C'mon, guys. The missing sword is just a small error- you can tell because it's back in her hands in panels 6 and 8.
The sheath isn't there because it was flung into the ocean via centrifugal force when she cut Rothwell's hand off (that's actually what allowed her to cut off anything in the first place).
Sick and Tired
As for the blood, there was a study in 2007 that showed that, solely by firmly gripping something (like, say, a gun), cardiac output increases by an average of 18%, and central blood volume increases by an average of 4.5%, raising the resting systolic BP from 120 to 148 (torr). Given that Rothwell was not sitting in a lab, but chasing a target, immediately followed by unexpected combat, his blood pressure was undoubtedly much higher. That, plus the fact that the wrist has many important veins and arteries, (Credit to @Rapiret =]) it's a perfectly reasonable amount of blood.
Now can we please give it a rest...?
Sick and Tired
Thank you!!
Welcome back Tober. I refuse to over-analyze any of this and am only interested in keeping you coming back. The over-analysis and commentary, I think, is why Brooke MacEldowney turned off the comment sections on Pibgorn and 9 Chickweed Lane.
My comment wasn't supposed to be taken seriously.
Great page Tober. The blood splatter looks great.
Rothwell could be a robot of sort, hydraulic fluid lines were cut. Pressure drops, Rothwell can no longer stand due to pressure loss, thats why Emi is looking down on him. Now there will be a huge government cover-up due to the advanced tech (Rothwell's remains) being left there. Now, please look into the light of my neuralyzer (flahsy thing) while we erase your recent memories.
13th of August, 2016 (Saturday)
Man, I was reading this comic a while back when I lost my internet. Just caught up today and all I can say is...HOLY CRAP, DUDE! This got even better!
May I say, as a weapons enthusiast, no modern pistol for the last 100 years "goes off" if it's dropped. Is that how the kid was hit? I saw the 'CRACK' after it fell. When I see news reports that say, ' the gun just went off', I cringe at the ignorance of the very people w h o should be full of information. That just does not happen. I am not trying to be hyper critical, I like the story and appreciate the realty of fantasy situations. Triggers must be pulled for weapons to operate.
Opus the Poet
@junqstuff the "crack" was the railing breaking when Charley and Emi hit it. You can see the fracture line between the letters. And you can see Charley holding his ribs in the next panel.
Amazing Thing
Nice to see a fellow weapons enthusiast here Junqstuff! Correct about modern designs, all include an internal drop safety as far as I am aware. Opus is right though, that crack was the rail.
14th of August, 2016 (Sunday)
The hand did come off. It is missing in panel 6.
Amazing Thingy
Cute ppl can kick ass too.
@Amazing Thingy
But this was still unexpected
15th of August, 2016 (Monday)
Where issss the sword??
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
Dad: Daughter when we go back in time, kill me
Daughter: wait wut.
Dad: No time for questions, go stab me real good.

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