8th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)

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There will be no page on Friday due to illness.

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8th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
That Guy
Wait... WTF. I'm am ludicrously confused right now. I need some severe explaining.
She adopted the...the chrono-assassin?! What is this
The matrix game she made herself has a crono killer junior as a NPC?
The chrono assassin was her creation, seeing sje can't have kids she made her own virtual one, interesting, lets see if I got my ducks in a row, if not feel free to shoot em down lol
*reads the new page*
What do we do now? We wait.
Webcomics reader motto.
Of course!
Everything makes sense now!
Kid Cthulhu
Fascinating, captain *Spock eyebrow-lift*
All that remains to be seen here is if these are new memories or old ones.
Do note, fellow readers, that the kid's speech isn't all warbly like the chrono-assassin's. I mean, I have no idea what to make of that, but uh... it's a clue!
The eye color is different, too.
The issue of both eye color and speech being different is perfectly normal considering that this kid is clearly artificial. Some kind of damage could have made his speech units malfunction and his eyes could be easily re-programmed for a different coloured light or they could have been totally replaced.
I got nothing. Maybe the creature from the black lagoon will rise up out of the sink next or something.
This is starting to feel like a David Lynch movie...
thing 1
I tend to agree. This comic left the rails long ago. There is something to be said about "coherency". Weird stuff for weird sake only gets you so far.
Unexpected twists and confusion in a story that begins with a kid time traveling to his future self. Seems to be firmly on the rails to me!
@thing1 It'll all be explained soon enough....it hasn't actually been many pages since Charlie's death, so this less coherent version of BSS can stand a good many explanation-free updates before it'll be only "weird stuff for weird sake". Give it a chance to develop and be explained, aight? I see what youre saying but I think we need to let it happen before we jump to judgement
My guess is she ends up cloning/"cloning" this kid, whether an actual clone due to a horrible accident or trying to make him real from virtual reality (assuming this is vr, and not a memory).
If so, that could be where the cloning/"cloning" went screwy - then some shit happened - then he went rogue and became the chrono assassin.
This fake kid is/will become sentient. At some point, he will also become physical, probably by his own resourcefulness or request. He'll hear about what happened, realize that he would never exist if it didn't happen, and kick off the events that lead to his own existence, probably sending a proxy to die in his place.
Charlie wasn't sent forward to be kept safe. He was sent forward to die.
Mr. Jones
The captain once attempted to explain plot twists to me on a particularly long voyage. He introduced me to middle American television and literature to drive home the point that plot need not make sense in the moment, only in retrospect. I was confused then; I am confused now.
@Pie/Jörg he's not the chrono-assasin - _yet_! ;)
@Drakey hmm... sounds too plausible ;P
Eos, what are you creating in that VR world of yours?
I think the kid is female, not male so probably not the assassin
Lol. Souffle boy.
It just occured to me that we've possibly been deceived, and Eos was the true main protagonist of this story all along
If only Morgan Freeman were here to explain things, I'd be so happy.
I hate when my virtual machines have an error then I have a child suddenly
Maybe she tried to make a clone but it came out kind of messed up?
so sudden jarring time skip
or maybe this is a scenario she created
or maybe it's a dream
Maybe someday we'll know
9th of June, 2016 (Thursday)
@G I'm pretty sure it's male. If you look at the "cover" for this chapter you can see this kid and what we can assume to be a more "grown-up" version standing back-to-back with each other.
Man, Eos has some weird fetishes.
went back and looked at the cover as suggested, build still looks more female than male, with it only showing the back
wait maybe she had a baby with the chrono assassin
think about it, the kid has her eyes....yup I'm convinced.
10th of June, 2016 (Friday)
looks to me a bit like a combination of chrono-assassin and charlie
@G a running theme with the kids in this comic is that they don't look like the gender they are so that doesn't really say much/
Two more eggs two more eggs!
What do we the readers do now? We wait!
get well !! we'll be here ... waiting ... smiling
Maybe she's trying to circumvent the chrono-assasin by getting to him young...
Kid Cthulhu
Feel better, Tober! We'll be here for ya.
Deof Movestofca
"There will be no page on Friday due to illness."
So does that mean when she said "We wait", she was breaking the fourth wall?
12th of June, 2016 (Sunday)
Soooo Monday then for the next page, not a Saturday or Sunday late page post.
Ah, well. Hope you feel better, that's the main thing.
But then, it only got weirder ...
I kinda hope on Monday we skip ahead a post, the house is burnt down, everyone's dead and/or drastically different and we're just left wondering "What did we miss???"
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
8th of July, 2017 (Saturday)
@G: I agree the child is female. check her clothes in panel 4; looks like T-shirt dress to me.

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