13th of June, 2016 (Monday)

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It's hard to say no to someone who can output over 2.4 yottapleases per second.

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13th of June, 2016 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Looks like someone little and pale just found an NSFW site...
Still trying to make sense of the bigger picture here. I'm sure the pieces will start falling into place soon.
What if the boy is Rothwell, and as he ages he turns into the man we know. Eos somehow finds out how to bring him into reality and he then realizes that the only way to be created is to kill Charlie and cripple Eos?
That's what happens when you watch too much cat videos on YouTube
Did time pass his tooth grew in this one or did I catch something
@Ely yeah, that's mysterious...
froop loots
what time zone is this released in? it's still not monday where I am?
Froot loots, it updated at UTC
Mr. Jones
It's not the Wired, it's the future. And the past.
froop loots. i have the same problem. mine updates at 6 pm the day before
14th of June, 2016 (Tuesday)
I only need to wait till 1 am for the update.
froop loots
@Tober is that the same as Greenwich Mean Time? I actually failed this unit in 7th grade Social Studies :P
UTC is the successor to GMT. The difference between them is only important if you care about leap seconds.
froop loots
Ah. Thanks a lot. Started this comic last week and I just couldn't stop reading.
Funtastic squirrel
From the confused look on his face, I think pale kid was reading this comic.

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