3rd of June, 2016 (Friday)

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Careful with that camera angle there.

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3rd of June, 2016 (Friday)
That Guy
Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE ENTERED THE MATRIX!
Wait when did she lose the ability to use her legs? Is this the future after the wedding?
@Ratiy at the final arc of the last chapter she got shot in the gut which probably messed something up but at the start of this story they showed a wheel chair hinting at possible leg paralysis
Never mind whe was shot though the spine. I just did not see the blood on her mid-area.
Kid Cthulhu
Why oh why didn't I take the red pill...?
that kiwi guy
you gotta lick my balls marti!
Matrix? Suddenly I want to point o out women in red dresses... don't understand why
Mr. Jones
So future guns, temporal assassins, full-dive Matrix-style computing (or maybe it's Snow Crash I'm thinking of), and death. Here and I thought this was a light-hearted show.
The choice of camera angle in the second to last panel makes me wonder where the artist's mind was... :)
I honestly have no idea where this story is going now.
Eos is wearing Number Six's dress!
That helmet might be a V R device. Eos is in a mental construct similar to the 'matrix's' world or dimension. Perhaps, this is the origin dimension of young Charlie and the chrono assassin... dun, dun, dunnn.
4th of June, 2016 (Saturday)
No!! I just read every single comic, these are amazing, I can't wait for the next update!!
so she built some sort of virtual reality machine
@Rick: All that might be seen in that shot if it were a true up skirt view would be just a little sheep; judging by the aftermath of Johnny's bachelor party.
5th of June, 2016 (Sunday)
hm. well, it appears to be broad daylight, not dawn in this picture. (that was my first thought, noticing the sky+landscape.)
... When does she discover (or when do we find out) that she's the God of Dawn?
8th of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
Hey, look, it's the old Windows background!

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