1st of June, 2016 (Wednesday)

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That makes perfect sense!

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1st of June, 2016 (Wednesday)
"Eos...go home you're drunk"
Does she build it for the sake of Charlie's death, or the marvel of what she could create? She has this slightly unhinged vibe that's hard to tell.
Confused reader
I just started reading this today. im an emotional wreck right now
Kid Cthulhu
Okay, now we're getting into crazy territory and I -like- it.
I still think she was sent back (or sent forward from ancient Greece) by whoever is pulling the strings with subliminal conditioning. Think "Manchurian Time-traveler".
Me, not you
Just back away slowly Johnny...
I am... concerned.
will we see a IT'S ALIVE friday?
Eos Science:
We do what we must, because we can
For the good of all of us
Except the ones who are dead.
TrippingOverYou brought me here and 2 hours later im all caught up and in an emotional wreck. IN WHAT KIND OF PLOTLINE IS IT OKAY TO KILL THE MAIN CHARACTER?!?! This isnt Game of Thrones. I was not prepaired for this feels trip... Now im emotionally invented. Thanks.
I have to say that I said almost exactly the same thing that Curtis did.
B. Anderson
"Late last night and the night before, tommyknockers, tommyknockers knocking on my door" -S. King
Uhhhhhh... 0_0;
Shan Sendo
And what about Ash?
Mr. Jones
Even my counterpart never put me through this kind of trip. Quite a paradox-free story you have here. Going to love to see how you justify that kind of Star Trek-ing.
Oh. She was transferred to the her correct self with his death. The timeline just changed.
Serial Exsperiments Lain
Dani Atlanta
I think Eos' mind was tampered with by the alien. The machine she is building has some sinister purpose which the alien will use.
Dani Atlanta
Instead of "alien", I should have said "that guy from the future".
Wait so that thing in the last panel is it a gear or like a Shuriken about to stab Johnny?
2nd of June, 2016 (Thursday)
inb4 Eos is actually the time travel killer guy.
Build it and he will come...
@SenpaiSizzle, it looks like a hamster wheel...
@Curtis, whoever said that he was the main character?
Remember people, this is a story with time travel involved. Young Charlie died, and Old Charlie is still alive. Someone had young Charlie sent into the future. THAT individual has the makings of being the main character if anyone does, and who's to say it isn't Eos? Only the author knows, and so far Tober isn't saying. :P
That hamster wheel is actually Eos's wheelchair, look a couple pages back and look at the wheel
I'd say okay, I get that. But I need to make sure you're okay, too. So let me help.
And then I'd sabotage it.
3rd of June, 2016 (Friday)
Yup. Wheelchair it is! Good catch.

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