29th of February, 2016 (Monday)

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What does that have to do with the kissing?

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29th of February, 2016 (Monday)
Apparently someone wrote "Charlie
My message that I submitted didn't include the last half of the text (after a less than symbol). Basically, I was saying that someone said "Charlie loves Ash" in the yearbook.
So, from photos and yearbooks Eos realizes Charlie and Sam are one and the same.
Wait, what would JOHNNY having photos and yearbooks have to do with Charlie/Sam?
@Segev Eos is Johnny's boss. She's probably spent more time around him and his belongings rather than around Sam
I don't quite retract my earlier statement that Eos is evil, but i'm starting to. She obviously knows something though.
@Vyktorya: She "knows" Charlie is a clone of Sam ;)
Inspector Hound
@Papy or, she may have looked him up on-line (which may or may not support @Vyktorya's Evil Eos hypothesis). Who knows how many informative photos there are?
Also, I just did a search for "Australian school yearbooks" and it looks like the on-line posting is happening there as well.
@0xf10e Yes, obviously, but she knows something more too. Something about Ash.
@vyk +@oxf
Thinks Ash is a clone of the red haired devil.
1st of March, 2016 (Tuesday)
I noticed your avatar on the "about" page is Ash. Are you Ash grown up?
Dad, not especially. She is the person I identify most with, though.

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