2nd of March, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Still swinging, still missing.

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2nd of March, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
Crazy like a fox!
That Guy
@ Kid Cthulhu Well, she does have read hair... XD
Also, what "less crazy" reason will you give her?
360 degrees off course
Missed by that much (small finger pinch)
Clone? That's rich. Next thing you'll tell me time travel is real and there is an assassin after the poor kid.
DNA testing shows the same results for both... must be a clone! LOL I can understand her reasoning behind it as it's much more plausible than time travel... still funny how off mark it is.
papino 134
i mean you seriously think i am a clone? everyone know such result are only obtainable trough time travel DUUUUUHHHHH
There are many possible reasons... Here is ten.
Clone, cyborg, time travel, mother had weak DNA cos of specific sickness, dimention travel, Star Trek transporter accident, long lost twin (and cryogenics), the 1 in a million odds of pure chance, the test was in accurate and he isn't, a DNA altering virus making everyone effected the same etc
That Guy
@Qwerty, at this point, it seems like alternate universe (dimension) travel is actually what is going on here. Because it is easier for someone to understand this as time travel, that is likely why it is called this in the comic.
Well it IS a good theory. Now I understand why Eos got invested.
She thinks Sam made a clone of himself to have as a child and is hiding it from him.
Eos is probably a clone rights activist or something.
Now here's what what would be crazy:
If he IS a clone with that whole time-travel stuff implanted in his mind - fake memories - because Sam wanted to raise a kid that "is" him...
Remember how she was talking about wanting a child but not wanting to adopt?
Guys, she probably wants a clone of her own too
Just what does Sam do for a living that Eos would seriously consider Young Sam a clone to be a real possibility?
From a scientific point of view clones with such a big age gap have to have some differences in DNA - special marks on DNA your body makes (forgot the term, sorry) over time or even small mutations. The question is if her machinery is able to detect these differences...
@0xf10e you called it.
Opus the Poet
OK I'm an old-school nerd here, but http://commonplacebook.com/jokes/clone-of-my-own-song-parody/
3rd of March, 2016 (Thursday)
Opus the Poet
Or the song version of a sub plot in Heinlein's Time Enough for Love.
@Zero I believe the markers you are talking about are influenced by environment and experiences, so since Charlie hasn't had all of Sam's experiences yet, it should still be somewhat different (perhaps not quite as different as a clone, admittedly).
Keep it up, guys. When she does firgure it out, you're in deep s***.
Dunno if I should censor myself, here. We're all mature enough to handle some minor language.
Great artwork, there, btw. I can practically hear them laughing.
6th of March, 2016 (Sunday)
I'll bet you were made way, way back in the 1980's!

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