3rd of February, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Gee, I wonder who she is talking about.

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3rd of February, 2016 (Wednesday)
Now i'm wondering how dad looks like.
Good ol' mom, or in this case grandma, to put things into perspective.
Seems like Sam didn't tell his mom about his secret son yet. Oh ho, that's going to be fun.
Kid Cthulhu
@Jörg: I thought the "atta boy!" guy last page was Mr. Innow.
This keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Shame the Chrono-Assassin is destined to disrupt everything any minute now.
"A Chrono-Assassin is never late, nor is he ever early. He arrives precisely when he means to."
That Guy
Huh... Interesting...
How is she not going " holy crap you look EXACTLY like my son" ?
she knows, but she does not want to scare him off.
Inspector Hound
I'm now of the opinion *everybody* knows. Everyone in the immediate family, at least.
4th of February, 2016 (Thursday)
This is getting grand. :p I hope she doesn't realize the similarities, and I'm still waiting for a chrono-assassin to make a debut there. :p
Very interested in this story....
This was a terrible idea.
She doesn't comment on his appearance, if she already knows then this has got to be the worst kept secret, no wonder the chrono-assassin found him
Moms: the underappreciated heroes.
Because you can never appreciate a good mom enough.

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