5th of February, 2016 (Friday)

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"Damn, now I can't get up"

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5th of February, 2016 (Friday)
Was thinking just that. Ow, my knees!
"Hmm, you don't look exactly like my son did all those years ago when he refused to have his hair cut short. Not one bit."
that guy
why is everyone so concerned about how he looks like 'whos son'? I swear everyone looks the same.
What a wonderful lady. ^_^
That Guy - I hate to say it, but I agree with you. There is not a lot of variation in faces, body-shapes, or expressions. The female characters (with the exception of Ash) kind of look like the male characters. I'm guessing the comic's now being put together with a program like Poser that's using a toon shader? The story is excellent, though.
That Guy
@that guy Oh no... There's two that guys now...
@that guy (lowercase) and Dotcom
I mean sure there isn't a lot of variation in character design (art is hard), but it's still easy to tell everyone apart, and that's what really matters. Also remember that a lot of these boys looking like girls and vice versa is actually a part of their character design: they're supposed to look like that.
The actual point of interest we're making is that canonically Charlie is Sam and anyone who remembers what he looks like as a kid might notice that they are not just similar but literally identical.
"Kids. Why did I ever have to have kids?"
6th of February, 2016 (Saturday)
Kid Cthulhu
I'm in total agreement with Charidan; character design isn't easy and it's even harder when you're trying to make members of a family have a noticeable resemblance. There's a reason most of the characters in my comic rarely have their family members show up in stories ^_^
@that guy
Most characters are either the same genetically or a close direct relative. Not a lot of variation should be expected.
You could not pay me to try to draw recognizable people faces. Because I can't. I admire anyone who tries.
7th of February, 2016 (Sunday)
That Guy
I don't think it help's that everyone here is family either...

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