28th of December, 2015 (Monday)

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To be fair, he is like 11.05. I mean, 11.0 is fine, but 11.9? Boy, that'd be embarrassing.

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28th of December, 2015 (Monday)
That Guy
"Ash might hear!" Hnmmm...
Ash definitely heard
He can knot a tie all fancy like but he can tie laces?
Kid Cthulhu
I love the "Mum always did them for us" realization...
And here I thought he was Charlie v.2.0
i) I think Ash already knows or suspects (see past comics);
ii) Boy, this really reinforces my "they all have had a bit dysfunctional parenting, haven't they?" hypothesis.
A thought occurs... How long has Charlie been 'here' in the future by now? I'm having a little trouble keeping this time-line in perspective.
I tried to figure it out. Maybe between three weeks and four weeks? It seems much longer.
It's been 18 days since Charlie arrived, according to my timeline.
Ahh, memories coming alive.... ^_^
18 days? I got 22 days.
Day #1: 'I'm you...' -Day #2:11th Birthday / clothes shopping. -Day #3: Enrolled in School / DNA test. Day #4: First class day (2 weeks until school ends). Days #5-18: end of school. Day #19: Footy ball game. Ash sleeps over. Attack of the Chrono Killer. Day #20-21 Drive to Mum and Dad's (Charlie meets grown up Kate). Day #22 Ash and Charlie have the 'KISS' and Charley's. embarrassing Photos.
My last post was a guess. It isn't a real important issue and I might still be off a day one way or another.
Heh, poor [older] Sam-- he's just now realizing how messed up things were -- I can just read the expression on his face:
"Oh god, I didn't learn to tie laces until I was *how old?!*... :o :-/"
Velcro it is. lol
Maybe Mum died in their 11th year and Sam just realized it. Maybe he had to learn to tie laces after that and he does not know how to tell Charlie.
Hahaha! Okay, I'd understand this better if he was a current 11 year old since most kid shoes have velcro or elastic laces (most of my daughter's friends can't and their ages run 5-8), but it is way more funny that he is a past version of Sam.
29th of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
Oof... only 18 days? O_o Ash and Charlie are practically married at this point and they've only known each other for two and a half weeks?
Kids form bonds quickly at that age
@Docom: I grew up around a decade before Charlie/Sam, and I remember velcro shoes being extremely popular back then. If anything, it was significantly more popular in the ‘80s than it is now.

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