30th of December, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 326

...You wanna be a flowergirl?

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30th of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
Panel two is really cute. Sam can be really kind. To himself.
Cinderella will be going to the... Wedding.
Did he take his own shoes off for this? Hard to make an excuse then.
It can be scary to publish a story and art you have created on the internet and expose it to possible criticism. Blood Spattered Socks is one of the best web comics I've found - story, characters, art, all of it (and I'm picky). Thank you for sharing your creation with us. Happy Holidays.
Kid Cthulhu
Actually I was just proposing to myself... definitely not tying my own shoes.
That Guy
Next page will be nothing but laughing and bad excuses...
What happened to Charlie's tie knot?
31st of December, 2015 (Thursday)
A whole new meaning to teaching yourself. :^)

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