24th of July, 2015 (Friday)

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"Just because I was inexplicably 2 days late is no reason to assume I'd be one more day late."

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24th of July, 2015 (Friday)
How long will this last. Depending on his parents this might not be believed for over a minute or they buy the whole thing.
I have... reservations About this. I mean.. At at resteruant down the street. I'll... I'll see you later, Sam. Good luck!
How funny would it be if all of Sam's family were actually him?
Somehow I doubt Charlie's identity will remain secret for long, especially with his whole family there.
Double Bogey
It's "Charlie" in a dress! Happy, Ash?
New reader here: is it just me or are there a remarkable number of characters here with quite androgynous facial features? It makes sense for the kids, but the adults?
Clone wars?
Kid Cthulhu
@Tom: We artists all have our own styles. I think the look of the series is just fine.
Kid Cthulhu
Hmm, the plot thickens. Sam/Charlie have blue eyes and Kate appears to have brown eyes. Different fathers, perhaps?
How long until someone is inspecting feet again lol
25th of July, 2015 (Saturday)
Poor Charlie, in panel 6 it appears that he doesn't like how Sam is getting the attention from his 'little' sis that he used to get not too many weeks ago. He was the big brother and protector of his sister... he really looks bummed out...
Not exactly her protector.... he was chastised by his older self reminding him how he used to bully his little sister. The fact she and his older self are getting along so well just reminds him how poorly their relationship used to be and making him feel guilty and also homesick.
@Kid Cthulhu: That's not how the blue/brown eye thing works. If we meet Sam/Charlie's parents and they both have blue eyes, then yes it would be weird for S/C's sister to have brown eyes.
26th of July, 2015 (Sunday)
Kid Cthulhu
@Monsterzero: Seems we're on the same wavelength. I thought if someone had blue eyes, both parents had to be blue-eyed as well. Either that or Charlie/Sam spent too much time on Arakis.
Actually, two blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed (or green or hazel, yellow, or violet eyed) child. The genetics go far beyond the BB, Bb, bb, bB we learned as kids. Eye color involves more than six gene pairs.
Also, it is now known that tru blue eyes are actually a result of little or no color pigmentation and the blue appearance is a result of light refraction in the clear iris. This is the same reason the sky looks blue. This is also why blue eyed people are more sensitive to UV radiation. On a final note, the percentage of blue eyed people born each year is rapidly declining and blue eyes may soon be an extinct trait.
@dad Concerning blue eyes, go to Utah in the USA, everyone there is white with blue eyes.
If I was Sam, I would have gone with "Girl I had a one night stand with dropped off a child I never knew until now about on my porch"
Kid Cthulhu
This little talk on genetics has been quite interesting, actually. However it doesn't say much for my highschool biology classes.

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