15th of July, 2015 (Wednesday)

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"Well, four problems, but let's set aside the meaninglessness of justice in a deterministic universe and focus on the three most pressing"

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15th of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
do they even have swimsuits?
@mra methinks that's problem number one.
Does "we have been targeted by assassins" count as one of the problems? Or is it four problems in addition to that?
1) You don't have swimsuits.
2) Someone is hunting us.
3) Charlie, you look like a girl. People are going to get weird ideas.
[4) Existantialism.]
Good news! Due to the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics the universe is not inherently deterministic. You just need to have justice on a very small scale. Quantum justice!
Ore Another Or
Oh, I love the way Ash's hair looks in panel three, either from angle or from running up to the ledge. The slight separation from her face embodies her excitement and wonder as she lifts her head. Or, you know, it might have just happened, but still. I love the odd angles of the face.
16th of July, 2015 (Thursday)
1. You can't swim, remember?
2. Charlie, you look bad in a bikini.
3. That's the hotel next door. All we have is a noisy ice maker and a moldy bathtub.
There will always be a dark part of me that wishes Ash was actually male but oh well that car ride kinda quashed that idea.
At least that's (slightly) better than a moldy ice maker, and a noisy bathtub.

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