3rd of April, 2015 (Friday)

Page 210

Ash would make a terrible (if long-lived) bomb disposal officer.

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3rd of April, 2015 (Friday)
Ha, I see that I have reminded you of the dialogue of page 18, panel 5! No need to thank me, it is my job.
lol, great friends.
Huh, good thing it was a watch versus a Delorean or phonebooth. Hate to imagine what Ash would do to them.
Tober, what differences would occur in the plot of this comic had Ash the strength and bone density to lift and throw a car such as a Delorean?
I presume Charlie would spend a lot of time in the hospital.
Tober Impersonator
Well, I imagine Cumberbun would have been socked in the jaw pretty hard, for one thing.
i love charlie's face in the last one! i love these silly children i love this comic this is great
4th of April, 2015 (Saturday)
Happy birthday tober. Hope you had a great day matw. You and your palindromic birthday! Keep up the good work, always enjoying these
Thanks. Still can't remember what your birthday is. Get one that's easier to remember.
What does "if longed lived" supposed to meeeeeeeaaaan? Don't kill Assssshhhhhhh.......;(
It means that Tober is going to ignore her halfway through the comic. We will never hear from her again.

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