1st of April, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 209

It's actually a smoothie maker.

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1st of April, 2015 (Wednesday)
Wait, didn't he throw that in the sink for some dubious reason? I guess that means its shorted out then.
Did it Tober? I can't tell from what I saw on page 18.
No, that's just a transition panel. It's not related to the other ones.
Either way, the watch is waterproof. No sense building a time machine that can't handle a little weather.
I found this comic through a link and read from the beginning. You have captured my interest on many levels - artwork, characters, character interactions, story, title. I've added Blood Spattered Socks to my check-daily-even-though-updates-aren't-daily list. Thank you for sharing your creation with us. Keep up the good work.
I totally agree with @Lloyd it is something that I thoroughly enjoy reading : )
I have read this comic since late October last year and I have always thought that Charlie threw the watch in.
On accident.
Would be funny if the watch is a red herring. Auto update time features are fairly standard on phones and alarm clocks so why not watches? He would have needed it to follow the written instructions on where and exactly when to meet himself.
2nd of April, 2015 (Thursday)
Dude, Tober literally just said it is a time machine.

Since you say "on accident" instead of the more widely used and accepted "by accident", I assume you are 35 years old or younger?
No, but I was raised by my parents, who are 35 years or older.
But then again, mi mama has only been speaking Ingles para quince aƱos.

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