23rd of January, 2015 (Friday)

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Ash doesn't watch a lot of tv. Her parents don't like it.

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23rd of January, 2015 (Friday)
I am really liking the direction of this chapter, especially with the future themes. Hopefully Ash will get at least a hint at what the whole 'Charlie is from the future' thing.
Rufus Saltus
Wait, Charlie is from the past
Aw, come on, maybe they're in the year 2017 but seriously? How can Ash not know Pokemon or Back to tHE FUTURE?! What kind of sad repressed life is this child living in?
ash's education has been neglected!
So far, two films from pop culture have been exhibited. T2:JD, which is about time travel, and BttF, which is about time travel. I am liking this.
Eirika R.
I like the wide screen thing! But if you're thinking of choosing wide as the main format for the comic, it would cause some problems... like, spoilers in the comment section for wandering eyes. It wouldn't be a problem now, since the comic is so new and it would really only be for that page, but I'm thinking of way in the future old readers might go back and be all "Oh my gosh, how could I not tell Ash was an octopus all along?!?" sort of thing.
But I do like it!
I'm not planning to make it the main archive because quite a lot of people still have monitors too small to use it. I mainly built it so I personally don't have to scroll so much to see new comments and figured I'd share it.
Great Scott indeed! Pop that corn faster man!
Huh, you know it might not be totally unheard of that Ash hasn't seen back to the future. If she was born in 2006 and this comic takes place in 2017, the movie is pretty old even before she was born and is even older than. Gotta ask yourself how often you watched movies that are older then you without being a total geek? Bet the only reason why anyone born in the mid to late 90's would know of these movies was due to the internet or a show making a reference to it. Eith that or they were raised in a proper environment.
In panel #1 Charlie's sitting posture has a feminine look about it, while Ash's looks more masculine, to me. I've raised two daughters and a son. When they, my girls, would sit on the floor they would often sit on their feet just like Charlie. My son would either sprawl out or sit cross legged like Ash in panel #3. Was that on purpose or did it just happen? ...or I may be reading more into the rendering of your characters than is really there...
Sam's shout of "Great Scott!" had me laughing so hard. :D Back To The Future was one of the best movies from my youth!
Loving this chapter!
@Wally, yeah, Ash is a tomboy and Charlie's a janegirl, so it's pretty purposeful.
For testing wide screen mode I used an iPad mini.
The "Great Scott" makes me want to give you a medal.
Also I read all of this in two hours and now I feel like I'll die of anticipation because BACK TO THE FUTURE. HOW COULD THIS GIRL NOT KNOW?
Ha, Ash will understand the excitement when she watches it.
I want some Pepsi perfect. How hard can it be for Pepsi to spend a little extra on novelty bottles? I will wait for October.
24th of January, 2015 (Saturday)
Great Scott!
Oh, man, that last panel makes me laugh every time I think about it!

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