22nd of January, 2015 (Thursday)

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It hasn't occured to Ash that someone might want to see someone else pantsless.

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22nd of January, 2015 (Thursday)
Oh Ash, silly child. Boys are weirdos, and always want something a little strange. Like pickles and whip cream.
Waiter, one order of brain bleach for the dark haired androgynous young man.
I 100% ship Ash and Charlie together
Eww spornightreloaded they're like BROS.
@Flancy thank you for that. waiter, a memory wipe please.
Is panel 6 just Charlie's 'mental' image of Ash pantsless? Because Ash's shirt doesn't match the other panels and the background is rose colored.
Charlie is eleven and I assume that Ash is about the same age within a couple of months... Eleven year old boys and eleven year old girls don't look that different in their undies. I think
maybe the girls' undies might have some kind of print design on them but the whitey-tightys would be the same...
@Wally, yeah, the monotone images are Charlie's imagination.
And then Ash admits to being Eros from the past and I'm like DAMMIT
"Eros from the past"? You mean Eos? No, no. Obviously Eos is Ash and Charlie's future daughter, sent to the past to grow into the lovely woman she is today.
That was true when we were kids but no longer. Look around- girls are hitting puberty at age 8-10 now and their bodies show it. Some blame hormones in the meat we consume.
There is one problem with your wide archive, Mr/s/s. Tober, that I cannot see the bottom of a comic page.
Xenophon Hendrix
I'm almost fifty, and I can remember some girls starting to fill out by the fifth grade, certainly the sixth. It wasn't universal, but it wasn't unusual.
Looks like a starite on ash's shirt
Wide archive works for me. Can you have an option (it looks wide enough) for two pages side by side to read the archives with the comments hidden?
I like the detail of ash blushing in the last panel.
The wide archive does not allow me to scroll down to see the entire comic page. IT will scroll through the comments though.
For the people that had the comic cut off in the wide archive before, is that fixed now?
@Lucky, I don't want to have too many archives in case it gets confusing for new readers.
24th of January, 2015 (Saturday)
Yes, it is now of working.
17th of February, 2015 (Tuesday)
You know, it just occurred to me ... "Sam" is 27, "Charlie" is 11. Got a bit of an early start, didn't you Sam? :)
10th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
I figure these two are at most six months away from puberty and boy, will it hit them like freight train.
22nd of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
@ Tualha
You're missing a big detail that is... pretty much the whole premise of this webcomic. Go read chapter 1.

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