16th of January, 2015 (Friday)

Page 171

Charlie is thinking of pay phones, Ash is thinking of mobile phones.

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16th of January, 2015 (Friday)
I am sorry, but you could have done better with the necks of both at panel 4.
Pay phones...how quaint.
Yochanan: I think that it is fine. It is much better than I could have done.
Tober: I love the description. Could it be that Charlie mentions a payphone at some point, and then Ash gets confused? That'd but fun : D
Eirika R.
Charlie's hair drying is the most glorious thing I've seen all week! He looks like he's straight from a hair conditioner/shampoo commercial or something.
Whereas Ash...
slowly making Charlie look more and more like a girl
Pay phones-- do those things still exist? I haven't seen one in what feels like ten years. Also, Ash looks like she's got horns--lol.
love the art in the last two panels
Yohidon: panel 3
Sharo: I think they've started to tair up some of them, I dont see them vary often...
Opus the Poet
Sharo: Pay phones still exist, but they are getting scarce. I don't think there will be many by the time this comic takes place in the far distant time of 2017...
What is this payphone you speak of?
18th of January, 2015 (Sunday)
Of course you still get pay as you go phones. Ash knows all about them.
19th of January, 2015 (Monday)
She learned about the pay phone in anciant history class, when they talked about th atari 3600 and ET the extratrestrial the videogame

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