15th of January, 2015 (Thursday)

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"Someday you'll own a floor of your own and you'll understand. Well not in this economy."

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15th of January, 2015 (Thursday)
this should get interesting.
"Just stand out in the rain until you dry"
I agree with Grencham. Sam is using so much logic here XD
Towels: Magical drip defenses.
So, err... Umbrella, towels and strip so they just dry their feet inside?
Does Sam own enough towels and housecoats for this emergency? ^^
I sujest you force them to stip, then put thair clothes in the drier while they stand in the rain. then let them come inside and skid on towles to the bathroom and dry off and put on the clothes. ^-^ LOGIC!
16th of January, 2015 (Friday)
Eirika R.
@Fox Um, I think it would look pretty bad to force two ten year old kids to strip at your front door in order to enter your house... Especially when it's their only source of shelter.

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