6th of August, 2018 (Monday)

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6th of August, 2018 (Monday)
Mr. Jones
So... we have a system of Titorite world lines, rather than a universe of a single unified time line. This world is much more interesting than I gave it credit for. There is no beginning, no paradox: they're all from their own world tracking field, after all.
Chris (the other one
His color looks like a clerical collar.... hmmm....
love this one
7th of August, 2018 (Tuesday)
Up here
@Chris (the other one )
"His color looks like a clerical collar.... hmmm...."
Well it's more of a Nehru jacket- there's no white collar under it, only his unusually pale skin.
But considering the way he's been playing God, a clerical collar kinda fits.
I've been wondering when we'd see EMI again.
10th of August, 2018 (Friday)
d'awwwww ma heart melted

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