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15th of October, 2018 (Monday) - 7 comments

Page 571
ERA on page 571
I'm a little confused: why do they have to dress him up? I feel like Eos is pretty dang confident about this already. Also, what's going on with Ash's parents at this point?
Opus the Poet on page 571
They have to match Charley now to what he looked like when he talked to a teenage Eos back in the past. And past Charley was wearing a dress with hair ribbons and glasses.
Phlatus on page 571
Charlie is Sam is Charlie really shows up in the last panel.
Phlatus on page 571
Wait a minute! Have we ever seen Sam wearing specs or has he ever mentioned wearing contacts? Damn whorls.
Lokilog on page 571
@ERA To add to what Opus said, they're going to send him back to tell Eos "Choice defines fate" and they need him to look the same as he did on that day so the timeline doesn't change.
ERA on page 571
@Lokilog @Opus
I guess my problem here is that there seems to be little reason other than "we've been foreshadowing Charlie in a dress this whole time." She remembers this happening, but given that Sam seems to not at all remember going through what Charlie has, shouldn't it have been *SAM* who was in the dress? Which of course raises the question of why Sam doesn't seem to be speaking up about it, so maybe it *was* Charlie? Except that so far Time Travel with Charlie doesn't seem to have this sort of effect on the timeline: his death has huge consequences, but his being in the current!timeline doesn't seem to be having any effect on the memories of his older self, Sam, who ought to have a pretty good idea of what's going on.... Time travel makes things always confusing, but the lack of causal relationship between Charlie's current adventures and Sam's actions has always suggested to me that Charlie was plucked forward to this point in time from a parallel timeline, rather than from this timeline itself.
Unless, of course, the story is moving in the direction of Charlie having to go back in time... possibly with his memory erased.... =/
Rock on page 571
It's a day full of disappointment for our young hero, isn't it?